Brisa Nail Gels

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UV Nail Gels
Brisa Nail Gel Products
Brisa® Nail Gel System
Hypoallergenic, odorless and acrylate-free gels create gorgeous, thin, natural-looking enhancements and ensure complete customer satisfaction. Some of the many items in our store include, Brisa Bond, Brisa Gloss, Brisa Sculpting Gel, Scrub Fresh and a host of accessories to complete the application of applying UV Nail gel to your natural nails.Get the best UV Nail protection with Brisa Bond, Brisa Sculpting Gel and if you ever need assistance call our customer service department.

In 1989 we began offering one of the first UV Nail Products on the Market. Lume', was the leader in a unique UV Nails products using UV (Ultra Violet) Light to cure a Gel product to the Natural Nail. An alternative to Acrylic Nails that are harsh to your Nail plate Gels a use a UV Light (like a Tanning Bed) to cure the Gel on top of the nail. 

Get your system today and start saving time and money.

9 Watt UV Lamp

9 Watt Deluxe UV Bonding Lamp Price starts at $29.95